Market Oriented Platforms

GMP Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Corden Pharma companies are offering specialised solutions for development and manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, pharmaceutical formulations and final dosage forms

Non-GMP Fine Chemicals

The WeylChem group is a specialized service provider to the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and specialty chemicals industries. WeylChem offers custom and toll manufacturing services along with a wide range of advanced intermediates, reagents and performance products.


VYNOVA is a leading European player both in the suspension polyvinyl chloride (S-PVC) and the potassium hydroxide (KOH) business


CarboTech: Producer and marketer of activated carbon, carbon molecular sieves (CMS) and activated coal.

Corden Biochem: Specialized manufacturer of enzyme-based fermentation products.

Enka: World's leading producer of premium viscose filament yarn for textile applications.

Rütgers & Impra: Developer, producer and marketer of wood preservatives and wood coatings.

ICIG-Business Services GmbH & Co. KG