Our Approach

Long Term Holding

We are taking a long term view of the value creation process in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Therefore we don't hesitate to initiate and realize opportunities resulting from long term commitments or joint ventures of our operating companies.

Flexible and Decisive

We are flexible in evaluating and structuring investment opportunities and we have proven our ability to successfully conclude complex transactions quickly.

Leveraging our Joint Abilities

We strive to contribute our industry, consulting and financing expertise to all our businesses and to leverage our existing manufacturing, sales and marketing resources to improve all our companies operating and financial performance and to expand sales.

Platform Strategy

We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our businesses providing resources for internal growth and add-on acquisitions.

Research and Development

We believe that well educated and trained employees are essential to maintaining competitive advantage and market leadership in our industry.

Restructuring Discipline

We don't shy away from difficult restructuring situations but we only get involved once we have thoroughly developed and refined a realistic restructuring plan. ICIG requires well defined restructuring periods with short pay-back times of restructuring measures, as we are not prepared to continuously fund cash operating losses.

Monitoring and Control

We have developed effective planning and controlling tools customized for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and modified to meet the specific requirements of each of our businesses. We believe that a systematic planning process linked to continuous production, marketing and financial reporting in combination with rigorous cash management tools instils the necessary discipline and focus required to run successful businesses in highly competitive markets.

Incentivizing Management and Employees

We always view management and employees as our respected partners, offering attractive management and employee incentive programs in all our companies.